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Children's well-being programs

March 15th, 2020

Children's well-being programs

Francare humanitaire

Since 1988, FRANCARE has been bringing together people, institutions, financial and technical resources necessary to help alleviate the debilitating effects of poverty and suffering that results from impoverished situations.

We aim to be a catalyst for social, cultural and economic development.
Children are more susceptible to the consequences of poverty than any other group.

We place great emphasis on the intellectual and emotional wellbeing of children which goes hand-in-hand with their physical wellbeing. We work to guarantee that all children have access to basic healthcare regardless of their socio-economic situation.
We also help build the intellectual capacities, vocational and professional skills of capable but socially disadvantaged youth.
We are dedicated to assisting capable teenagers  acquire the essential means towards building – long-term skills, knowledge, physical, social and emotional wellbeing – helping them to lift themselves out of poverty and helping them live healthy, productive and abundant lives. Education provides an essential building block in a child’s development and unlocks their potential.
We work to ensure that the disadvantaged children – particularly the economically and socially vulnerable and physically disabled – have access to educational opportunities that help build the skills and knowledge they will need to live in the future self-sufficient, happy and prosperous lives.
Our employees play a vital role in all the aspects of the programs we support. In addition to financing projects, our employees directly participate in project development and implementation, provide managerial and technical expertise.
Throughout the life of our projects, many of which are ongoing and long-term, our employees remain dedicated to their success by providing relevant expertise.
In addition to supporting academic development, we prioritize educational programs that take a comprehensive approach and strive to nurture the emotional, spiritual, physical, and cultural development of needy children.
We operate based on the philosophy that we can more effectively carryout our mission and achieve our vision through the collaborative efforts of a diverse group of dedicated individuals and organizations.

We support projects and institutions that provide access to quality healthcare, education and social assistance and that help guarantee that the most disadvantaged children grow up in a spiritually and emotionally nurturing environments

Working towards easing suffering and supporting lasting social, cultural and economic development for children worldwide.

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