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Ministère de la Santé et Centrale Pharmaceutique d’Achat


Ministère de la Santé et Centrale Pharmaceutique d’Achat

Projet 4 Francare

Installation of 16 Districts hospitals and 100 health centers over Chadian territory.

  • Contracts with Health Ministry from 2004 to 2013
  • Deliveries to 16 Districs hospitals (Abéché, Ati, Bardhai, Biltine, Bokoro, Danamadji, Faya Largeau, Kélo Massakory, Massaguet, Mongo, Moundou, Moussoro, N’Djaména Bilala, Sarh) and to 100 health centers all around Chad.
  • Management of all supply chain logistics: procurement, sea freight in FCL and dispatch of all the equipment towards the different sites/hospitals & health centres.
    ◦ Laboratory, sterilization and imaging furniture
    ◦ Equipment for anaesthesia-reanimation and surgery rooms
    ◦ Diagnostic Equipment and consumables
    ◦ Medical devices, instrumentation, monitoring and professional diagnostic
  • Technical audit of the Chad infrastructures before installation.
  • Guidelines and management of the infrastructure work in the different rooms in each hospital and health centre to meet the technical prerequisite of manufacturers.
  • Mobilization and intervention of 20 biomedical engineers for the installation, commissioning and multidisciplinary training of the Chad medical teams on each location.
  • Multidisciplinary  corrective maintenance (laboratory, imaging, anaesthesia-reanimation) is still being assured
  • Annual contracts since 2006 for the supply of medical devices and equipment for the Centrale Pharmaceutique d’Achat – several FCL are sent in each delivery

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