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MOHO BILONDO: Total’s first deep water site in Congo


MOHO BILONDO: Total’s first deep water site in Congo

Moho Nord Francare

Offshore project at 800m-depth, launched in the first half of 2017, to develop the oil field discoveries located at the north-east of MOHO BILONDO field (about 75 km off Congolese coast)

Project realized in two steps:

  • Extent of the existing site named Alima & creation of a new production line at the north-east of MOHO BILONDO.
  • The most ambitious phase is the second one: consisting in the construction of 17 connected subsea wells to an FPU (Floating Production Unit) and 17 other surface wellheads supported by a TLP (Tension Leg Platform). The FPU and TLP stands are 350m apart and are linked by 6 transfer lines. In the overall, MOHO NORD is composed of 34 wells and its production reaches 100 000 barrels/day.

FRANCARE has contributed to the biggest Oil & Gas development project ever realized in the Congolese history with the supply of equipment, services and technical operations for the MOHO NORD Project. Therefore FRANCARE has participated to the renewal of Oil & Gas production of the country including: 

  • The technical study, as well as the supply of equipment & diversified products and services for handling and operation so as to meet the whole requirements of Total E&P CONGO related to their exploration or development projects.
  • The Support for factory inspection, with issuance of the manufacturing  test certificates mandatory for the qualification of the supplied items and equipment (including 3.1B material certificates, BASEEFA/ATEX certificates)

The Labelling and packaging in SEI IV wooden crates according to the Congolese standards:

  •  Export of hazardous goods with suitable packaging,  and Dangerous Goods declarations
  •  Shipment of sensitive items under export licenses (dual-use goods license and/or explosives items intended for civilian use)

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